FreshCar - Your Cool & Refreshing Summer Companion

Keep Your Car Fresh
Effective Cooling
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Have you ever sweated in your car?
You probably did. We all know how much it can be an unpleasant and sticky experience.
FreshCar Fan is here to solve this problem.
Our Fan makes your air conditioning work even better, it will cool you down even more and if that's not the case, it's a great first aid for overheating.
This car fan can cool down the air inside your car and keeps it fresh in the summers.
It has two fans that work together and can cool down a car cabin by mixing cold air and hot air.
With the FreshCar™ Fan you'll never suffer from sweating again!

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Your Cool & Refreshing Summer Companion
Smart Toothbrush
Effective Cooling
Our 3-speed fans will help cool your car interior and keep you, your passengers, your pets or kids comfortable.
Adjust To Your Needs
Our fan is equipped with strong adhesive stickers that will keep it securely in place on your dashboard or arm rest area.
Keep Your Car Fresh
FreshCar fan will improve ventilation and air circulation, thus eliminating unpleasant smells.
No Visual Blind Spot
This cooling air circulator fan will not have a visual blink spot with a small size.
Weak Air Conditioner
Make hot days more bearable even if your AC does not get the job done.
Multiple Application
It can be used not only in cars,vans and trucks but also at home next to computers or laptops.
Get rid of hot air and felty smells.
The FreshCar fan has powerful wind that can blow hot air out of your car efficiently, especially for cars that don’t have A/C, it will also improve ventilation and air circulation, thus eliminating unpleasant smells.

It has 3-speed levels to meet different cool needs, press the power button repeatedly to change wind speed.

If you are looking for an effective way to remove unwanted cigarette, pet, smoke, or food odors from your vehicle interior, look no further.

Our cooling fan for cars uses 5 blades silent design, accelerates car air circulation. With built-in aromatherapy, the fan makes the air fresh and pleasant and eliminates odors.
What Our Customers Think!
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Jacintha McKinsey
Attached thus fan to the dash of our ATV. With the hot weather in the south these fans give some relief from the heat. They throw off a pretty good breeze. I like that you can turn them to direct the air flow where you want it.
09 May, 2022
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Nicole Smith
Mail Delivery Guy
I deliver mail and used this today.It cuts some of the oppressive heat out. Very quiet and nice airflow. Especially like that the heads swivel and can be pointed in different directions.
02 Jun, 2022
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Jane Wood
Financial Advisor
My AC went out in my car so thought I would try these. They work great and fit perfectly on my dash! Going to buy another one for the passenger side and one as a gift :)
22 Apr, 2022
It can be used anywhere
As a portable fan, its small volume and portable weight which makes it easy to carry. It can be used for all kind of vehicles such as cartruckboat, and so on.
Not only FreshCar keep you cool in your car, but it can also be used in the office to a computer or a laptop.
FreshCar is the first wireless and portable car air-fan that can be powered by any USB power bank. It provides you with a cool environment, which helps you enjoy a comfortable and pleasant journey.
With summer temperatures on the rise, it's more important than ever to stay cool. 
That's where FreshCar comes in. 
We're here to help you beat the heat and stay comfortable no matter where you are.
Order your FreshCar today!
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How to use
Step 1
Plug in USB to Power On
Step 2
Place it wherever you like.
Step 3
Set the speed and relax!
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Is it worth buying for my mail truck? Will it actually help beat the heat?
It moves air quite well. Whether or not the warm breeze from the fan allows you to beat the heat is something that you will need to determine for yourself.
Can I return if not satisfied?
They cannot be turned on separately. The two heads operate simultaneously. We have a single-head Car Fan in our store as well. Please feel free to check it out.
Can this be used to keep inside of a car cooler while it's parked?
It can only be used when the Car is powered on because the Fan is connected through the cigarette charger outlet inside the car, which does not have power unless the car is powered on.
Does it turn off automatically with Ignition when car is turned off or do you turn it off by hand?
When the ignition is off, the fan is off. Thank you for asking.
Is it only for cars or could I also use it at home too?
Yes it is only for using in cars through the 12 volt car charger outlet. However, it can be used at home with purchase of an additional power adapter for regular wall outlet.
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FreshCar - Your Cool & Refreshing Summer Companion

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Works a lot better than my last fan. I have been without AC for 5 years, and these fans help a lot.


Great fans. I live in a van, not down by the river, and these fans are great for those hot sticky nights. Running it off of a portable power pack it uses a lot less of my charge than the single fan I had before. Being able to blow air in 2 directions keeps my van well ventilated with fresh air.