Never Leave A Bag On The Car Floor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sister Bartoletti

For those who always have trouble keeping your purse in a reachable spot with out it falling and dumping out this product is great. Easy installation and keeps your purse from sliding around you vehicle.

Maryse Harber

It’s not only for purses, but great for odd end
Stuff you want keep at bay ( gloves, shades, box tissue or whatever) instead your passenger seat getting slide around like on the floor board. With that being said, had modified attachment to seat head (not a biggie.)

Keith Moen

This car net Installs in minutes. Just slide one strap under the console lid and the two others around each head rest. It holds my purse conveniently when I have a passenger so I don't have to toss my purse in the backseat.

Darron Renner

Absolutely love this product. It was easy to install and it was one of those things when I got in the car I put my purse on the consul and would always fall off now he gets held by this mesh basket. I ordered a second one for my other car

Darien Murazik

It took a bit to install correctly, but we got it. It seems to work okay for my wife's purse. We don't know the sturdiness yet though cause we just got it a couple of days ago.